Rose Body Shampoo1000ml
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Rose Body Shampoo1000ml

8,500 JPY

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Luxurious body shampoo containing the essence of many roses. It abundantly blends rare organic ingredients. The cleansing ingredient is potassium soap made of palm oil, which is mild to the skin. It makes the skin clean and healthy. A bottle can be shared by family members, keeping everyone's skin healthy. ■Skin Type All Skin ■Ingredients Spring water Potash Soap Organic Castor Oil *USDA Organic Ylang Ylang Oil *USDA Organic Lavender Oil *USDA Organic Rose Otto Oil *USDA Xanthan Gum  Glycerin Pectin ■How to Keep Refrigerator or normal temperature cool and dark space ※ You can carry antianti's products, but please avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Please return the product to its regular storage place after arriving back home. ■How to open (How to open shampoo conditioner bottle pump) ↓ ■Quality Keeping Period You can keep our products for up to one year if you preserve them in a cool, dry place. Please follow the instructions to keep our products fresh after opening. We recommend using our products as early as possible after opening.